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Health Club's Membership Nearly Impossible To Cancel, Lawsuit Claims

Hotel Suite of the Week: Royal Suite at The Goring Hotel The implication of the images, says an Equinox spokesperson, is that when you get into shape, "you might just get into a little trouble" because of the "unbridled confidence, lowered inhibitions and playful naughtiness" that are consequences of a good workout. Equinox, says Carlos Becil, the chain's senior vice president of marketing, wants to push its members to "break boundaries." What it doesn't want them to do, according to the class action suit, is break their contracts. Seven toxins that can kill your workouts Joseph Jones, attorney for the plaintiffs, alleges that Equinox's contracts violate a variety of laws. For example, he said, contracts signed by Equinox customers in New Jersey are retail installment contracts, and, as such, must disclose on their first page this site the customer's total financial obligation. "These contracts do not," he told ABC News. "They don't disclose the math on the first page." Likewise, according to the complaint, Equinox is violating the Health Club Services Act (HCSA) by using contracts that obligate customers "to automatically and perpetually renew" their memberships by imposing "unreasonable and unduly onerous" cancellation requirements. The HCSA gives consumers the right to cancel in writing, by personal delivery to the address specified in the membership agreement. Equinox's contracts, though, stipulate that members can cancel only via certified or registered mail, according to the complaint. Some contracts, the complaint says, fail to tell the customer he or she has three days after signing in which to cancel, as official site required by the HCSA.
More: http://abcnews.go.com/Business/lawsuit-claims-equinox-memberships-impossible-cancel/story?id=21475038

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