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It's Time For New York Knicks To Give Toure Murry A Chance

workout /> This season, the rookie is giving New York about 13 points, five assists and four boards per 36 minutes . When he's gotten on the floor for more than 10 minutes a night, workouts the 15-25 Knicks actually have a winning record (4-3). Murry isnt the guy you would want on your fantasy squad, but hes definitely a player that any real team would gladly take on its roster. Change of Pace Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports One of the biggest problems with the Knicks' roster is that the top players play the same way. Isolation ball, long jumpers, lackadaisical defense andwith the exception of Melodisappointing performances have all become the norm in Woodsons primary rotation. Murry can bring a different skill set to the table and fill in one of the Max Workout most gaping holes that the Knicks havedefense, a term unfamiliar to most players in the Big Apple. Does Murry deserve more minutes? Absolutely, no doubt about it.
Source: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1929536-its-time-for-new-york-knicks-to-give-toure-murry-a-chance

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