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The Juice Diet: Should You Or Should You Not?

juicing2_article.jpg Health juices are having their moment with juice detox as the latest fad diet, also known as juice cleansing. During these fasts, the person may go to website drink only juices and abstain from any solid food consumption. Some may opt for it as a cleansing therapy and others as (visit) as part of a weight loss regime. How did it start? The recent panic around packaged juices and all the noise about sugar & fructose being touted as villains swirled people towards freshly made concoctions. With celebrities lapping it up as a diet trend and the suave juice bars that mushroomed, it got all the attention that it needed. Also, anything that could fight off our weight woes is worth talking about, isn't it? Any side effects of the juice diet? While following the diet, one has to be very cautious about the intake of essential vitamins, minerals and (visit) nutrients.
Read more: http://cooks.ndtv.com/article/show/the-juice-diet-should-you-or-should-you-not-499814

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